Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do enzymes improve the solvent performance?

A: Enzymes replace some of the surfactants to break down the ink into smaller molecules, once they have done that, they do it again and again and again, they are not used up. Surfactants work once then they are used up. By breaking down the ink into smaller particles it improves the waste water process as well.

Q: Why do you call it breakthrough technology?

A: Our special blends of solvents are designed to give similar parameters to an aggressive but dangerous and very hazardous solvent that can’t be used in cleaning anilox rolls or printing plates because it would damage equipment and people. The solvents we used are safe and biodegradable. It is a new technology that is currently being introduced to the paint industry. As far as we know, never used before for the cleaning industry. Breakthrough technology!

Combining our enzyme technology with our new solvent theory is new technology that works much better than all previous products

Q: How does Super BioClean 5G differ from Super Special Blade Clean 3G?

A: We have reduced the surfactant levels in 5G and replaced some of them with enzymes so the product doesn’t foam as much in the waste water and in our process so we can apply all the 5G in one hit for maximum contact time as contact time allows the enzymes to do their work. We still have surfactants for cleaning and to allow us to hold so many raw materials in solution.

Q: What are the savings when using Super BioClean 5G?

A: Performance improvement of the product means all the same benefits already marketed with 3G but to a greater level:

Once the anilox rolls are clean and as long as operators always use the system correctly, you can run 5G at 1:60 for further savings.
Better performance of the product gives better productivity.
The ink is broken down into base components and we also have enzymes that break down the starch in the waste water to the base molecules so you have less solids in the waste water, this saves money and gives cleaner waste water.
Better running converter with less breakdowns and increased production makes happier operators, also having the foam guns handy they can clean their equipment increasing their pride in their equipment as they usually mainly work the same converter.

Q: Why is your product better than the one we presently use?

A: Our company specialises in this one area. Our experience is decades working with cardboard plants around the world. Cleanprint’s 3G and 5G products are safe, non-corrosive, highly effective and producing huge cost savings with our automatic dosing/cleaning systems.