Making Happy Faces

From Robert A Borkowski - Director Operational Excellence, Pratt Industries, USA

My role has me overseeing 46 plants with over 700 anilox roles, ink pumps, ink lines, chambers and doctor rolls. The maintenance cost and down time caused by dried ink in the system is enormous.

In my 36 years in the corrugated business I’ve never come across a System/Product that cleans the ink in the printing systems until Ecochem/CleanPrint Solutions was installed into one of our plants. Previously we would manually flush detergent through the lines and onto the anilox rolls however, this never prevented line blockages wasting ink and causing downtime for manual ink line cleaning. Not to Mention removal of the ink pumps for manual cleaning, removal of anilox rolls or soda blasting of anilox rolls. Since installing the Ecochem/CleanPrint Solutions system we have reduced the replacing of anilox rolls, ink pumps and lines due to the product’s ability to properly clean our systems. This gives more time for production of boxes. …See Original

Visy Board Dandenong wins gold medal for print excellence!

Visy has been recognised for achieving the highest standard of printed packaging. Awarded a Gold Medal in Print Excellence for a T’Gallant Rose Shipper and a Silver Medal in Print Excellence for the Wolf Blass Red Label Cab Sauv AFL Promo Shipper, (above) both were produced for our customer Treasury Wine Estates. These high quality flexographic cartons were entered into the 2017 Flexible Packaging and Label Manufacturers Association (FPLMA) Australian Packaging Awards and prizes were announced at a gala awards night held just recently.

David Manning, Visy’s High Quality Flexo Manager adds the comment to their win. “Evolution Bioclean® is amazing and was instrumental in helping win these awards” – we could not have won this without the BioClean System and a clean machine.” …See Original

From Alan McMenamin - Engineering Manager- Visy Board, Campbellfield, Victoria

I have been directly involved as a maintenance engineer in the printing/paper industry since 1992 and in all that time have never seen a product/system deliver the results obtained through utilising Ecochem across all our converting lines. Print quality has dramatically been improved due to the cleanliness of the anilox rolls, ink trays and ink pump lines. The Ecochem system is fully automatic and easily adapted to all machines with wash cycles resulting in reduced downtime required for machine cleaning …See Original

From Robert A Borkowski - Director Operational Excellence, Pratt Industries, USA

There are numerous vendors of cleaning solutions but how many are ‘partners’ in your organization. Ecochem has introduced us to a product we consider the best in the business for proper cleaning. Foam it, pump it, wipe it and hose it down. We have found that the product ‘melts’ away old ink, not only on the machine or in the pans but our anilox rolls.

The Ecochem people are willing to got the extra mile and if there is a problem, they jump right on it and get to our facility ASAP. As always there are learning curves and we had our share. Case in point, we had a faciltiy that was using too much product, Ecochem questioned that and resolved the issue, saving us money. I must mention that the problem was an internal issue to our organization. That’s what I mean by partnership. …See Original

From Murray Ray, Visy Packaging - Redshift Corrugator Supervisor

Hi Geoff, I’m very happy with it, obliviously the longer you can get it to soak the better.

I have also been using it on the machine to remove grease and build up works great.

Thanks, Murray Ray

Look at what is building up in your starch lines

Starch out of piping after 4 hours of recycling Evolution Starch Off in a Texan Plant. …See Pictures

Shaun Sunnasy - Site Manager, Orora Limited. Athol Park, South Australia

Hi! Geoff, just a follow-up from the Bioclean installation. We have seen a significant difference in the cleanliness of our anilox rolls in all our machines. Because we are a site that does a lot of process prints the cleanliness of our anilox are critical. Prior to the install of the Bioclean we were soda blasting our rolls very frequently and changing out rolls as well.

Since the system install we have not soda blasted or replaced an anilox roll. We have also seen an improvement of the ink pumps and trays. …See Original

Jason Thomas, Site Manager - Smithfield. VISY BOARD, NSW

I am writing this letter to tell you how amazed I was at the results we achieved as a result of the Ecochem installation into the Smithfield factory in late 2013. Our manual wash up systems were sometimes running for 10-20 mins using water alone to clean the anilox rollers and ink trays. As a result of the installation of your automated cleaning system and chemicals, we were able to dramatically reduce the washup times to your 4 minute program and achieve a better result. However, one of the biggest improvements we experienced was in the print quality itself – we consistently achieved better quality print with less roller pressure and smaller anilox gaps than previous.

This lead to less customer complaints and a better quality product in the market place. This is not something that we even contemplated during the installation phase.

Dan Frost, Continuous Improvements Manager, VISY BOARD

We have had the CleanPrint system running for 12 months now and found it to run exceptionally well. It’s the only cleaning we do on the anilox rolls now and we have shared the CleanPrint system with all our sites in Australia now.