Super BioClean 5G

Enzyme based cleaning technology designed to work with CleanPrint’s Automated Cleaning System

SUPER BIOCLEAN 5G automatic cleaner for the water based printing industry is here, it’s another breakthrough in our cleaning technology system.

The patented ‘BioClean’ Automatic System has been recognised as an astounding success in the printing industry. SUPER BIOCLEAN 5G is cutting edge chemical technology with a unique, breakthrough blend of safe, water based solvents and specially designed enzymes to liquefy dried ink rapidly without any corrosive effect on equipment. Increases your savings in production and maintenance costs.

Used exclusively with CleanPrint’s automatic cleaning system, SUPER BIOCLEAN 5G’ technology improves cleaning performance and reduces solids in waste water at even greater dilution rates, bringing more savings in production and maintenance costs.

SUPER BIOCLEAN 5G can be used to safely and quickly remove ink off all surfaces in your plant. Non-corrosive non-hazardous.


Enzymes are biological molecule catalysts that act on molecules like ink and starch. They don’t get used up in each reaction and can work in the right conditions until all the ink and starch is broken apart and dissolved. Enzymes are a part of nature and are fully biodegradable.


  • Unique blend of special enzymes
  • Breakthrough solvent technology
  • Dissolves dried ink even faster than before
  • Greater dilution rates
  • Increased production capability
  • Greater maintenance savings
  • Increased operator effectiveness
  • Easier and quicker plate cleaning
  • Reduced solid content in waste water
  • Better waste water compliance
  • Increased pride in machine care
  • Non-corrosive and non-hazardous
  • Your printers love it !


Cleaning in Place – Enzyme based series detergents do not require plant to be disassembled.
EVOLUTION BIOCLEAN® – Enhanced 5G offering accelerated cleaning times.
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EVOLUTION STARCH OFF – For controlling starch build ups